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Quilt Criteria


Quilt  suggestions for the wounded Warriors


Suggested size approximately 50-66 x 60-78,  Ideal size is approximately  54 x 67.  Please use new, pre-washed (if possible), cotton fabric.  Red, white, blue, patriotic, or army themed fabrics are preferred but not necessary.  Printed cotton or flannel is preferred for the backs. Please do not use a single gold star, or black  borders.


There is a need for lap size knitted or crocheted afghans for the soldiers in wheelchairs.



Quilts for the children of wounded Warriors


These children are ages 6 to 16 so anything approximately 45” to 60” is good.  Please use new pre-washed, if possible,  cotton fabrics. These can be any color and appropriate print. Printed cotton or flannel is preferred for the backs. The children also enjoy knitted or crocheted afghans.  


We will provide labels for your quilts or you may make your own.



You may mail donations to:


Thank You Quilters

P.O. Box 764

Cedar park, TX 78630-0764